Global Somali Diaspora strives to advocate, empower, organise and unify Somali Diaspora for a better tomorrow.  We promote full participation and assimilation in our new prospective host countries, while remaining equally devoted and proud of our culture, language and religion.

GSD encourages all Somalis to pursue ways to contribute to Somalia’s rebuilding and reconciliation, through investments and skills transfer. We are proud of the Somali diaspora’s resourcefulness, resolve and self-sufficiency.

GSD was established as a result of Somali Diaspora representatives participating in an international conference convened in Istanbul, Turkey in June, 2014.

We believe that connecting Somali diasporas and unifying their voice, effort and energy is the best way forward, through which GSD can respond to many mutual challenges, as well as being the best way to utilise opportunities. We are of the view that collective effort, spirit and co-operation are fundamental principles of survival, development, self-determination and dignity.

It is our goal to be a bridge between our host countries and our motherland for a full economic cooperation, representation and interaction. GSD has an unmatched global reach and tested capacity to mobilise Somali Diaspora for positive action.  Since its inception in Turkey, GSD has been mobilising, engaging and organising diaspora around the world. In doing so, GSD has held conferences, advocacy and public awareness raising events in every country with a Somali community.  GSD has also formed a close and effective relationship with the private sector and government institutions.