Global Somali Diaspora (GSD) is joining others in condemning to the strongest possible terms against this deliberate targeting attack towards Hormud Telecom and its staff inside Somalia’s Soil.

GSD rep -Jawaahir Daahir and Dr Yusuf met with Deputy Prime Minister of SFG Mahad Mohamed Guled in London

SOAS-Somali Diaspora Conference: Challenges & Opportunities

Jawaahir Daahir and Dr. Yusuf from GSD met with Turkish Ambassador in UK

Jawaahir Daahir in Beirut, Lebanon to participate in Lokahi exchange programme.

GSD participation of Turkish-Somalia partnership conference

GSD Participation in the Turkish- Somali partnerships in Istanbul

Chair of GSD met with Somali Ambassador to Turkey and had positive discussion on how to work together for the benefit of Somali Diaspora.

Chair of GSD, Jawaahir Daahir and dr Yusuf Omar met with minister of state, Abdullaahi Hamud and discussed how GSD can work together with his ministry

Chair of GSD, Jawaahir Daahir met with Somali Turkish Diaspora, female students who have great aspirations and we discussed their future involvement with GSD