Drought in Somalia, an urgent action is needed to avoid humanitarian catastrophe

The Global Somali Diaspora would like to draw attention to the plight of the Somali people in the drought stricken areas of the country and the catastrophic humanitarian crisis that has emerged. Rains in many parts of Somalia were extremely poor, leading to a substantial harvest failure in marginal agricultural areas, a decrease in water availability, and deteriorating pasture conditions.  This resulted in high food prices causing human and livestock diseases, which further exacerbated the situation.

Even though accurate numbers are hard to come by in some areas of the country, it is quite clear that a significant number of Somalis in rural communities are facing starvation.

The majority of Somalis depend on subsistence farming and pastoralism for their livelihoods. They are helplessly watching their crops wither and the animals die in droves.  These are communities where women and children make more than 60% of the population, and are already the most susceptible to malnutrition and disease.

GSD urges the international aid and relief organizations, Somali government, civil society groups and the general public to come together immediately and reach out to the most affected populations and areas to minimize the possibility of a massive humanitarian catastrophe.

Although the immediate goal is to feed those left hungry by the drought, we encourage all parties to help these communities to devise plans to tackle and minimize the impact of natural phenomenon – like failed rainy seasons.

GSD also urges and encourages a greater participation of the wider Somali Diaspora in this matter, in the form of fundraising and general awareness raising in their perspective countries, and for religious and community leaders to take a vocal role in helping those severely affected by the drought in Somalia.

Zahra A. Shirwa

GSD Exectutive Director

For all enquiries please contact us at info@gsd.so or Zakariya Hussein GSD communications head at Sakariye@gsd.so

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