GSD calls for an investigation into the Yemen boat tragedy that claimed Somali refugee lives

GSD sends condolences to the Somali refugees that were savagely killed when a helicopter attacked their boat they were travelling in yesterday off the coast of Yemen according to international eyewitnesses. There is much speculation about the number of the victims and where they were coming from and heading to but what is clear is that this attack is linked to conflict in Yemen.

There is no evidence regarding who carried out this inhumane attack on innocent and vulnerable civilians risking their lives at sea to escape the savagery of war. It is therefore important that the government of Somalia thoroughly investigate this heinous act against its citizens. It is also important that the Yemeni coastguard and all witnesses, including members of the UNHCR and IOM as well as the survivors to come forward with all the evidences necessary to bring justice and closure to the victims’ families.

The tragic and lonely circumstances in which our brothers and sisters were killed must not be forgotten nor left to sink to the bottom of the sea without a thorough investigation by all stakeholders most important of which is the Somali government. This is not just an act of nationalism but a duty under international law.

Zahra A. Shirwa

GSD Executive Director

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