GSD statement on the Manchester terror attack ‘not in our name’

This week’s unforgivable and barbaric Manchester terror attack was an act of evil against innocent people getting on with their daily lives. It highlighted clearly the reach of international terrorists who prey on vulnerable young people to radicalise them and to turn against the very communities/ people they should be cherishing and building a future with.

The list of victims of all ages and backgrounds is distressing. It only illustrates, once again, the cruel disregard terrorists and their fraudulent ideology has for the sanctity of human life.  It is in complete contradiction to the peaceful Islamic religion they claim to advocate and represent. We reject their sinister and distorted ideology.

Sadly, soldiers are guarding key sites across the UK and that the terror level has been raised to its highest status by Prime Minister Theresa May.  It is important that we all unite against terrorism.  We must never allow terrorists to divide us with their opportunistic criminal actions.

The Somali Diaspora in the UK are proud of their religion and their home, the UK. We are proud of our Government’s calm and positive response to the devastating attack and we will work with our Government and other communities to defend ourselves, our Islamic religion and the peace we cherish in the UK.

We are all Manchester and in the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan we wish all humanity peace and love.

Zahra A. Shirwa

GSD Executive Director

For all other enquiries and questions please contact or Sakariye Hussein, GSD communications head at


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