It is time the South African Government take urgent action to end the xenophobic attacks & brutal crimes against Somali immigrants in S Africa

The Somali Diaspora community across the world is extremely concerned that peace-loving Somalis are killed, looted and abused in South Africa on a daily basis. We are deeply concerned that criminals who are responsible for these unjustifiable and appalling crimes are not held responsible for their actions. Global Somali Diaspora (GSD) strongly condemns these attacks and urges the South African government to find those responsible and prosecute them accordingly.

We deplore these violent and senseless attacks against peace-loving Somalis and we take this situation extremely seriously. We stand in solidarity with our Somali brothers and sisters in South Africa and stand ready to assist them whatever way possible to ensure their safety and dignity while ensuring the perpetrators are brought to justice.

The attacks against migrants of different nationalities including Somalis are gross violations of basic human rights. Those committing these heinous crimes are not aware of their history as these acts of cruelty was what all Africans fought to liberate from South African soil under the apartheid regime.

The Somali government and people have always stood by their brothers and sisters in South Africa throughout the dark period of apartheid. Now we rightly expect from the South African government to preserve and protect the dignity and rights of our people who are in South Africa.

For the last three months five to eight Somali shopkeepers residing in Durban, South Africa have been killed after having been robbed at gunpoint. In the latest attacks, A Somali national was shot dead and some others are in critical conditions. They were just doing their jobs-running their shops and working hard to earn a living and support their families whilst also contributing to South Africa’s economy.

Killing Somalis and looting their hard-earned properties has become a daily occurrence in South Africa. The criminals who perpetrate crimes against Somalis often go unpunished. This needs to stop now. Enough is enough.

In one incidence, according to Mr Ahmed Sheik, three robbers carrying guns came into a Somali owned shop and started shooting each of the men working there without saying a word to them. They robbed the store, taking cash and goods. Sadly they also shot one dead and wounded another before they fled with their loots.

A wave of xenophobic violence have plagued the Somali Diaspora in South Africa for about five years and the South African authorities are taking very little steps in protecting Somali citizens and there is no sign of justice for the victims and the wider Somali community.

Somali people living in South Africa are peaceful and successful people who contribute to South Africa’s economy thanks to their business acumen, resilience and creativity but they are  attacked with impunity. They deserve to be protected from xenophobic violence and treated with dignity. We would like to bring this issue to the attention of the South African government  and urge them to take an immediate action to end these crimes and discrimination against Somali people who are making significant economic and social contribution to the South African society.

GSD urges the South African government to confront this atrocity and to take responsibility to protect Somali people and bring the perpetrators to justice. GSD will closely follow the authorities investigation into this horrendous and unjustifiably acts against peaceful and hard-working Somali people.

Zakariye Hussein,

Global Somali Diaspora

For all other enquiries and questions please contact or Zakariya Hussein, GSD communications head at

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