Somali Diaspora is recognised as one of the longest standing Diaspora groups in the world and it is a vibrant and dynamic community.  Somalis are a globalised people and you will find them all over the world. Their needs, situations and opportunities are dependent on each country and each community’s ability and willingness to respond to its needs. However, in order to recognise and ensure the Somali Diaspora’s full potential there is a great need for the community to be organised both on the local and global level.

GSD strives to do the following to improve the current situation:

  • To work with local community organisations to increase their capacity and responsiveness to the real needs of their communities;
  • To provide a global platform and leadership to increase communities awareness about their rights and entitlements as well as responsibilities towards their host countries;
  • To promote harmony , trust and connectivity between communities and organisations to work together on common needs;

To encourage and work with communities to engage with policymakers and become more active politically, economically and educationally.